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    Crossbow Compound

    Crossbows Buy. Crossbows can be purchased online in our shop, We have the best Quality Price ratio, many years we do business nationally and internationally. Many customers are happy and that is why they come back too.

    We have just about all the major brands in our range.

    In crossbow you can choose from only the crossbow in different variations as well as a set.

    Can I buy a crossbow

    Yes you can but you must be 18 years or older, for a crossbow is definitely not a Toy.

    Do I need a license

    No, you do not need a license for the crossbow, but there are some restrictions. as

    • You must be 18 years or older (ID required)
    • you do not carry a cocked crossbow. always pack. or in a holster or carrying case, etc.
    • The arrows during transportation should be separated from the crossbow itself (in a separate compartment)Shooting the
    • crossbow may only be shot on own property or a designated shooting club or shooting building, shooting range

    What do I need to know

    Maintenance is very important. so check carefully whether the string and / or cables are not worn, if so it must be replaced
    wax regular string and cables as well as the guide, this reduces wear
    aimed not at people or animals, using for this purpose an appropriate target butt
    ihandy is a stringer , these are accurate and better for the crossbow. these are with some crossbows optionally
    do not play around at home with your crossbow if you are a layman
    For recurve crossbows, you can remove or replace the string yourself, with compound crossbows you need a bowpress.
    uncertainty in demand always check with a specialist.
    Bows are available in different Lbs (weights). always purchase a crossbow that you can handle
    More Lbs does not always mean that the crossbow is faster. this is dependent on the composition. Please refer to the specifications


    Would you like to know more then please let us know by phone or email. We help you on your way.

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    Picture of Crossbow Accelerator 410+

    Crossbow Accelerator 410+

    Crossbow Accelerator 410+
    €495.00 €470.25 excluding shipping
    Centerpoint Crossbow Amped 415

    Centerpoint Crossbow Amped 415

    Centerpoint Crossbow Amped 415
    €485.00 excluding shipping
    Centerpoint Crossbow Sniper Elite 370

    Centerpoint Crossbow Sniper Elite 370

    Centerpoint Crossbow Sniper Elite 370
    €374.95 excluding shipping
    Centerpoint CP400

    Centerpoint Crossbow CP400

    Centerpoint Crossbow CP400
    €945.00 excluding shipping
    Crossbow EK-Titan

    Crossbow EK-Titan

    Crossbow EK-Titan Black 200 Lbs 385 Fps
    €580.00 €539.00 excluding shipping
    Crossbow RAVIN R9 Camo Predator

    Crossbow RAVIN R9 Camo Predator

    Crossbow RAVIN R9 Camo Predator
    €1850.00 excluding shipping
    Crossbow EK-Guillotine X Camo

    Crossbow EK-Guillotine X Camo

    Crossbow EK-Guillotine X Camo
    €429.00 excluding shipping
    Picture of Crossbow Barnett Recruit 130

    Crossbow Barnett Recruit 130

    Crossbow Barnett Recruit 130
    €495.00 excluding shipping
    Crossbow Guillotine X Black

    Crossbow Guillotine X Black

    Crossbow EK-Guillotine X Black 400 fps
    €395.00 excluding shipping