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    Buy Compound Bow at Dutch Archery Specialist

    Here at the Archery Shop DAS Roggel the Dutch Archery Specialist you will find a wide range of Compound Bows and accessories. These compound bows are available for target shooting (Olympic) or for Hunting. You also have different lengths of bows here, which are usually above 35 Inch Axel to Axel for target shooting, and Bows that are shorter than 35 Inch are usually chosen for hunting. A compound bow is different from a recurve bow. The compound bow consists of 2 sets of cables and 1 string that run over wheels. These wheels can give a reduction in pulling power of between 65 and 85% when the bow is fully extended.

    Which compound bow should I buy?

    Which bow you have to buy depends on your objective, do you want target (target shooting) or do you want to shoot hunting or 3D. That choice should be made in advance. Afterwards, the bow can be completely tuned to the choice of the Archer. Please viksit our store for this and let professionals advise you. 

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