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    Core Archery

    Core Archery Recurve Risers

    Core recurve bows have as goal providing beginner to intermediate archers with low priced superior recurves. The additional quality that Core aims for is crucial for every archer who wants to get that extra touch of it.

    We have a variety of beginner and ILF (International Limb Fitting) bows into our program. From beginner wooden risers to magnesium/alloy ILF handles and beginner limbs to mid-range ILF limbs. A solution for any beginner to intermediate archer who pay attention to a certain product value.

    With Core you get more bow for your money. Core’s staff shooters are continuously testing new products to complete our bow line.

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    Middenstuk Core Silhouette,Handle Core Silhouette,Mittelstück Core Silhouette,Poignees Core Silhouette

    Handle Core Silhouette

    Handle Core Silhouette
    €37.00 excluding shipping
    Middenstuk Core AIR  Orange

    Handle Core AIR (Close Out)

    Core Handle Core AIR 25 Inch
    €85.00 €72.25 excluding shipping
    Picture of Handle Core Pro Metal

    Handle Core Pro Metal

    Handle Core Pro Metal
    €45.00 excluding shipping
    Middenstuk Core Jet Metal,Handle Core Jet Metal,Mittelstück Core Jet Metal,Poignees Core Jet Metal

    Handle Core Jet Metal

    Handle Core Jet Metal
    €38.00 excluding shipping