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    Win & Win Archery

    WIN&WIN has the passion and experience that has maintained KOREA’s archery dominance since the 1980s. Our staff aim for excellence with each Win&Win product they create.

    We manufacture for a world of champions, where every archer in every nation strives for perfection. A world of professionalism and power, born to win.

    Win&Win products are proven at World Championships and Olympic Games, and are continually setting new world records.

    But we are not satisfied.

    In fact, we are only just getting started…

    Mr PARK Kyung Rae, CEO : Archery is my whole life

    The story of Win&Win Archery, is the story of a man who gambled everything to follow his passion and who listened to his heart. Mr PARK Kyung Rae is much more than just the head of a company. He knows archery like the back of his hand, not just because he spent several years as the South Korean national coach, but also because he actively participates in the design of Win&Win Archery products.

    "Win&Win Archery is a business that has a global influence and is widely popular, but that’s not what’s most important. Instead, what’s important are the objectives that we target, the dreams we want to realise and the way we approach getting to where we want to be. For example, if I know what meaning to give to my life, and to my ambitions, it’s only because I have overcome the problems that once made me want to give up. When I wanted to set up an archery equipment company, the first thing I needed to do was leave a prestigious career as a well-paid coach. I needed to draw a line over all of that and create new objectives for myself. 

    When I am asked about the foundations of my company, the first things that comes to mind rests on the idea, the very clear idea, of creating the best bow in the world. The rest doesn’t matter – it’s that goal that motivated me from the start, and that keeps me motivated."

    "For me, archery is my whole life. It brings me a lot of happiness, and provides me with a living, in a way. I hope that it can do the same thing for anyone who takes part in it.

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