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    MK risers are not mass produced, each one is manufactured on a high quality CNC machine in Korea. We do not outsource our production to other countries. All in house manufacturing allows for strict quality control with minimal external conditions resulting in a perfect, blemish free riser each and every time. 

    MK korea's combination of high quality aluminum and CNC machined parts results in a riser with minimal vibration and twisting for one of the truest and finest risers in the world 

    Based on the archer's preference, ILF or F-series limbs can be interchangeable on the Alpha Riser without additional hardware. 

    MK Korea's damper system allows easier attachment of a damper on the riser or the F-series limbs and the grip was carefully designed to consider the variety of individual hand shapes to accommodate a solid and strong point while holding the riser. lt was the hope of the engineers to eliminate the need for additional or aftermarket grips to be purchased

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    MK Korea Handle Alpha

    MK Korea Mittelstück Alpha

    MK Korea Mittelstück Alpha
    €895,00 exklusive Versand
    MK Korea Middenstuk Beta,MK Korea Handle Beta Zwart

    MK Korea Mittelstück Beta

    MK Korea Mittelstück Beta
    €935,00 exklusive Versand
    MK Korea Middenstuk MK X10,MK Korea Handle MK X10 Zwart

    MK Korea Mittelstück MK X10

    MK Korea Mittelstück MK X10
    €825,00 exklusive Versand
    MK Korea Middenstuk MK Z

    MK Korea Mittelstück MK Z

    MK Korea Mittelstück MK Z
    €925,00 exklusive Versand