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    Kinetic Archery


    Are you looking for a great bow without having to pay the high price?? Meet Kinetic bows. Kinetic stands for consistency, stability and performance, high quality and great designs. Working with the best raw materials every bow, riser or limb is one of the best longstanding choices for any beginner to competitive intermediate archer. Putting the higher standard into lower priced bows.

    You can find all our products by clicking on the 'products' selection button on the top of your screen. After clicking on the product page you can scroll in the different product classes and find the product you would like to see. If there is a video available on a product you will find it under the 'videos' selection button. All latest updates will be shown in the 'news' part or on social media. There is a 'where to buy' section on the main website. However do not hesitate to contact us if you would have any questions concerning any of these subjects.


    Kinetic launches a new top of the range carbon recurve bow. The Kinetic Fury is a light high-performance riser designed around two carbon frames. Built from royal cross carbon and carbon U/D using advanced material technologies. The limbs have a foam core and 45 degrees cross carbon that improves stability. Top quality 100% made by Win & Win.

    The new Kinetic Halo is a die-casted, combo-color painted recurve riser made by Win & Win. A great design with the looks and the performance you expect. 

    he new Kinetic riser is a forged aluminum handle that comes in 9 different painted colors. It carries an easy to use limb alignement system and fits all the ILF limbs on the market.

    The grip is a soft touch and mid sized. As this riser is made by Win & Win, it features the quality and precision that this world famous Korean brand stands for.

    The Weight is 1100gram and length is 25inch.

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    Handle-Riser Kinetic Heat

    Mittelstück Kinetic Heat

    Mittelstück Kinetic Heat
    €175,00 €95,00 exklusive Versand
    Handle-middenstuk Kinetic Halo

    Kinetic Mittelstück Halo 25 Zoll

    Kinetic Mittelstück Halo 25 Zoll
    €114,99 €109,24 exklusive Versand
    Kinetic Middenstuk Novius

    Kinetic Mittelstück Novius

    Kinetic Mittelstück Novius
    €159,99 €151,99 exklusive Versand
    Kinetic Handle Novius 2 Blauw

    Kinetic Mittelstück Novius 2

    Kinetic Mittelstück Novius 2
    €163,99 €147,59 exklusive Versand
    Kinetic Middenstuk SOVREN 6061 Zwart

    Kinetic Mittelstück SOVREN 6061

    Kinetic Mittelstück SOVREN 6061
    €344,99 €310,49 exklusive Versand
    Kinetic Middenstuk SOVREN 7075 Oranje

    Kinetic Mittelstück SOVREN 7075

    Kinetic Mittelstück SOVREN 7075
    €444,99 €400,49 exklusive Versand
    Kinetic Riser Valenz Orange Dutch Archery

    Kinetic Mittelstück Valenz

    Kinetic Mittelstück Valenz
    €210,00 €189,00 exklusive Versand